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Who is eligible to claim the GST/HST rebate in Ontario?

Both Canadian and foreign buyers are eligible to receive the HST rebate (New Housing Rebate or NRRP rebate) on the purchase of a pre-construction condo. Buyers will need to provide either their Social Insurance Number (SIN), or Individual Tax Number (ITN).

How does the CRA define a "house"?

A house generally includes a detached or semi-detached single-unit house, a duplex, a condominium unit, a townhouse, a unit in a co-operative housing corporation, a mobile home (including a modular home), and a floating home.

A house may also include nearby buildings such as a detached garage or shed, plus up to one-half hectare (1.23 acres) of the land around and underneath them all, that is reasonably necessary for the use and enjoyment of the housing as a place of residence.

A house may also include a bed and breakfast or similar establishment where rooms are rented for short-term accommodation to the public.

How Long Does it Take To Get The New Housing Rebate?

The New Housing HST Rebate application must be filed with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) within two years of the completion of renovations or the date of occupancy for new home builds. Homeowners can expect to receive their New Housing HST Rebate from the CRA within 60 days. We have seen rebates processed in two weeks but some rebates can take up to six months to process should the CRA decide to randomly audit the rebate.

How does the GST/HST Rebate work if I buy a new home as a principal residence?

Most new home or condominimum residence purchased as a principal residence from a developer typically have the New Housing Rebate embeded in to the “list” price of the residence. In most cases the developer will process the New Home Rebate on the buyer’s behalf and the buyer will “assign” the rebate to the builder. In some instances the builder, or their counsel, can ask the purchaser to pay the New Housing Rebate at the time of closing. In those instances, you will need to contact us to help you reclaim the monies that you surrendered at closing.

How long do I have to file my rebate application?

In the case of newly constructed or substantially renovated homes, owners have up to two years after the house is deemed to be “substantially completed” to claim the Hew Housing Rebate. If you are have purchased a new residential property for investment purposes, you have to file the New Residential Rental Property Rebate application within two years after the end of the month in which tax first becomes payable on your purchase, or in most situations the closing date.

Do all provinces offer GST/HST rebates?

A Federal GST/HST rebate is available for all provinces. Some provinces offer additional GST/HST rebates based on the provincial portion of the GST/HST. Those provinces are Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Labrador. Try our HST Rebate Calculator.

Can I claim the New Home Rebate if I purchase a modular home, mobile home or floating home?

If the home that you purchased will be used as your, or your relations, principal residence, that home can be claimed under the New Housing Rebate. Each of these homes presents some unique challenges when filing. Please contact us discuss your situation.

Can I claim the New Residential Rental Property Rebate for a Multiple Unit Residential Complex?

Multiple Unit Residential Complexes can be claimed for the New Residential Rental Property (NRRP) Rebate. These rebates are more substantially complex than a normal NRRP Rebate and require the owner to obtain a valuation on the property. Contact us to discuss your unique situation.

Can I claim the New Home Rebate if my house is being rebuilt with insurance proceeds?

Houses that are either completely rebuilt or substatially renovated after a catastrophic loss can claim the New Home Rebate. Each insurer handles claims differently. If you have incurred a loss, contact us and we would be happy to coach you through the claims process.

How Is The HST Rebate Calculated In Ontario?

Eligible new home buyers can claim a rebate for 36% of the federal portion (5%) of the HST paid on a new home with a pre-tax price less than or equal to $350,000. Where the pre-tax price is more than $350,000, but less than $450,000, the rebate for the federal portion of the HST is gradually clawed back and no rebate is available where the purchase price is more than $450,000. The maximum rebate for the federal portion of the HST is $6,300.

Try our online HST Rebate Calculator.

In addition, an eligible new home buyer can also claim a rebate of 75% of the Ontario portion (8%) of the HST. Although this rebate is available for all homes, regardless of their purchase price, the Ontario portion of the rebate is capped at a maximum of $24,000.

Can I Claim the New Housing HST Rebate if the Fair Market Value is More than $450,000?

Ontario residents can claim the New Housing HST Rebate if the value of their house exceeds $450,000. Only the federal portion of the New Housing HST Rebate is based upon the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the property at the time of occupancy, whereby the provincial rebates are based on the actual cost of the goods and services. Are you missing out on a lot of money? Not really, the federal portion of the rebate tops out at $6,300 for houses with a FMV of less than $350,000.

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