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Welcome to HST Rebate Hub

We specialize in HST New Housing Rebate applications with the CRA. Our experienced team has successfully recovered more than $5,000,000 in HST rebates for our clients from the CRA.

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We take care of the entire HST rebate application process:

1. Provide advice.

2. Prepare your filing and maximize the rebate you are eligible for.

3. Provide audit support if required.

HST Rebate

We’ve come across many applications that were denied and it’s generally due to a lack of experience or knowledge about the whole process.

At times, our clients receive notices from the CRA that they need to return their HST rebate. We’ve helped countless clients like this to fully eliminate this tax bill.

Our rebate services cover the following scenarios:

  • Purchased a condo/home on assignment.
  • Purchased an investment property.
  • Built a home yourself/substantial renovations.

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This Month! Get your HST Rebate Today starting from only $500.